Tuesday, 28 February 2012

So at the request of one of my friends, here (finally) is my band Sleepless Futures. I came up with them a couple of years ago. Roman looks too girly and Matt looks too young, but essentially, this is my band. 

I don't know why I chose the ugliest colour to do this in, oh well.

Also, if you're clever and know all of the band members I obsess over, you'll be able to tell who each person is inspired by (except Matt, he is just generic drummer number one)

Roman: is Beau Bokan from Blessthefall (mostly just his hairstyle)
Sidney: is Telle Smith from The Word Alive (again, mostly the hair)
Seth: is Levi Benton and Jerod Boyd from Miss May I
Jak: is a strange combination of Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance and Travis from we The Kings (but not ginger)
Grant: is very much Andy Glass from We Came as Romans and Yu from cinema Bizarre

I started writing a story to go with them, but it never really got anywhere. A couple of them have girlfriends though, if that counts for anything.

This is some of what I drew today, in between my course work. I chose my favourite ones, the others were too hideous to upload.

Friday, 24 February 2012

So seeing as there is only a few days left of February, I thought I'd share my life drawings from this month, we focused mainly on the shoulders, back and arms which was useful.

We had a new model this morning (the one in the sketches below the guy with the stick) she was so skinny, and super gorgeous! She had the most fabulous legs, I ended up spending more time drawing her legs than her arms haha.

Sorry for the mediocre picture quality, these are all A3 size and my scanner isn't big enough so I had to photograph them with my iPod.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Just a sketch I did in class today, it's pretty terrible, don't look too closely haha. I've been on a bit of a mermaid/selkie kick at the moment, so expect more pretty girls with tails, whether they're fish or seal (:

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Alan Ashby from the band Of Mice & Men, both he, and the band are amazing. This is just a quick doodle that took about three seconds in between a couple of other drawings I'm working on. His hair is fabulous, I couldn't not draw it. Plus I have a bit of a thing for red heads...
Aaron Gillespie (when he was still in Underoath), Paloma Faith, Travis Clark from We the Kings, Eric Lambert from blessthefall and of course Alan (:


PS. I'd love for you to check out my deviantArt page!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

I finally got round to making myself a blog, yay! It's about time too, I've been meaning to do it for about three years, and seeing as it's my final year of my animation course this year I figured it was high time I made my blog.

I confess that I am fairly stupid when it comes to all things technical, so my page is probably going to look a little strange to start off with, just until I get my head around all the formatting and stuff.

This blog is going to be mainly for my sketches and doodles, because I have a lot of them, and I don't particularly want to post them on my deviantArt page along with my more serious/finished pieces. This blog's just a bit of fun, we'll have to see what happens with it haha.