Sunday, 29 April 2012

Volcano dragon!

This is the rough sketch and the final version of a quick dragon drawing I did last week.
Nothing too spectacular, but you can see a bigger version of the finished image here if you like.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I kinda get the feeling I'm uploading this for the sake of uploading something new, and this did only take me 10 minutes all up, but still, I needed cheering up because I have not had the best beginning to the week this week (but that's another story for another time) I've been really busy with my group project at Uni, and I've had virtually no free time even for doodling, which has been a little frustrating.

In case you cannot tell by my fabulously anatomically correct drawings, these guys are (from the top) a Gouldian Finch, a Sun Conure/Sun Parakeet and a Chinchilla. I have inherited my mums 'crazy bird lady' gene which is only just starting to show itself, but while my mum is mad keen of wild and native New Zealand birds, I'm much more partial to the brighter birds, especially parrots (I've wanted a pet Macaw since I was very little) There's actually a huge long list of pets I'd like, including these three and a macaw, there's also an axolotl or two, a rat, a ferret, more guinea pigs, a cat, a canary and some zebra finches just to name a few.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Pretty girls with pretty coloured hair. I'd love to dye my hair green, but it wouldn't suit me at all.

I just noticed how tiny the bottom girl's hand is, it's funny how you don't notice silly mistakes til your just about to upload something.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So my blog is supposed to be just for my sketches and doodles and the like, but this sort of goes with the Joan Jett portrait I did, so I figured I'd post it here too.

It's Lita Ford, she was the lead guitarist in the Runaways and she went on to have a very successful solo career. This photo is from sometime during the 80s (long after the Runaways had disbanded)

She is so gorgeous, if you don't know who she is I suggest you look her up.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Oh alright, have another post (:

It's Joan Jett and Cherie Currie from the band the Runaways. This was the initial sketch for a coloured piece, but I liked the way this looked so I thought I'd upload it as it is.

They have no faces because I drew this in class and we don't have access to the internet, so I had no reference and the faces I was drawing looked so strange I figured it'd probably be better to just do without.

This looks nothing like I wanted it to, it's rather disappointing.

I downloaded the beta version of Photoshop CS6 (which is fantastic, you should all go get it. All you need is an Adobe account) and there are lots of new brushes (compared to CS4 which is the version I have) Ive been messing around with a few of them, but the pencil style ones are my favourite so far.

It's a very young Joan Jett in case you couldn't tell. I should have spent longer on this, but I was getting frustrated so I thought I should leave it here in case I butchered Joan's lovely face any more.